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20 Years of SXSW Film and Interactive FILM 1994 - And so it begins: Modeled after SXSW Music, Louis Black, Nick Barbaro and Nancy Shafer construct the first SXSW Film in under 3 months. 1995 - They can't contain us: The SXSW Multimedia Conference splits into: "SXSW Film" and "SXSW Multimedia." 1996 - Sterling's gold: In Dante Harper's Delicate Art of the Rifle, Bruce INTERACTIVE 1994 - Small is beautiful: Debut event features eight total panel sessions and 36 total speakers. 1995 - Hello it's me: Musician-turned-geek Todd Rundgren keynotes year #2 of SXSW Multimedia. 1996 - Remember the epic parties: Bruce Sterling keynotes, and then invites all to his Hyde Park house. Sterling's "Non-Linear Weatherman" imparts weather's complex and unpredictable nature. 1997 - And Bono cried: Negativland's Mark Hossler discusses his take 1997 - Build it and they will come: The original Alamo Drafthouse on 1998 - South Park by Southwest: Art for canvas swag bag designed by Colorado Street opens in time to screen Neil LaBute's In the Company of Men. 1998 - Rising tide: Total film submissions grow from 638 to 1015. 1999 - The stars at night are big and bright: The day after its L.A. premiere, Ron Howard, Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson bring EDtv to SXSW. 2000 - Shifting perceptions: The New York Times notes, "SXSW crowd is filling theaters this year rather than going to the panels is of course, a very good sign for the filmmakers with movies playing here." 2001 - It's good to be king: Annual fave Jeffrey Tambor makes his first SXSW trip with Eric Schaeffer's Never Again. 2002 - Logorrhea! Documentary Spellbound is SXSW's first breakout film. 2003 - ¡Viva la Revolución!: Controversial Hugo Chavez doc, The Revolution Will Not Be Televised, sells out the Paramount on Closing Night. 2004 - After midnight: Guillermo Del Toro's Hellboy brings down the house. 2005 - Call it mumblecore: The Duplass Brothers, Joe Swanberg and Andrew Bujalski meet for the first time. 2006 - News from Lake Wobegon: North American premiere of A Prairie Home Companion, Robert Altman's final film, opens the festival. 2007 - Birth of a blockbuster: Audience laughter drowns out the dialogue at the world premiere of Judd Apatow's Knocked Up. 2008 - Keepin' Austin Weird: Doug Benson premieres his pot doc Super High Me at 4:20pm. 2009 - A Girl is born: Lena Dunham debuts with Creative Nonfiction and meets collaborators for 2010's Tiny Furniture. 2010 - M is for Movies: Monsters and Marwencol, two very different world premieres, wow SXSW audiences and then the world. 2011 - Bet on the little guy: 2011 world premiere Undefeated is acquired by The Weinstein Company and wins Best Documentary at the Academy Awards. 2012 - Raise the roof: Paramount crowds goes wild for The Cabin in the Woods on Opening Night and for the series premiere of HBO's Girls. 24 SXSWORLD / FEBRUARY 2013 on copyright law. Trey Parker and Matt Stone. 1999 - Shark attack: Keynote speakers include Mark Cuban and Michael Wolff. 2000 - NASDAQ hits peak of dotcom era on Monday of SXSW Interactive. 2001 - Redmond revealed: John Heilemann keynote covers his new book Pride Before the Fall. 2002 - Please hire me, please: overflow crowds swarm first-ever SXSW Freelance Forum. 2003 - You are the creative class and you rule: Keynote by best-selling author Richard Florida. 2004 - Remember Friendster? Jonathan Abrams keynote speech alienates many female users. 2005 - The tipping-over phase begins: Keynote talk from New Yorker columnist Malcolm Gladwell. 2006 - Welcome to the digital revolution: Jimmy Wales (Wikipedia co-founder) and Craig Newmark keynote conversation. 2007 - Twitter launches at SXSW: And we all begin to think in 140 characters or less. 2008 - The power of a connected audience: Mass exodus during Mark Zuckerberg keynote. 2009 - Startups make the world go round: Accelerator added to ever-expanding SXSW lineup. 2010 - Disrupting the music industry: Keynote interview with Spotify founder Daniel Ek. 2011 - Geeks are the new rock stars: Foo Fighters perform at SXSW Interactive Closing Party. 2012 - Master of intelligent design: Jeffrey Zeldman becomes firstever SXSW Hall of Fame inductee.

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