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A Look Back "I like to think of factory farming as the coal-power of meat production. It's intensive and it's ugly and it's dirty and it's not great, but if we start exploring how to diversify our portfolio of meat … [plant-based alternatives, cultured meat, small- scale farms] ... we have a more resilient system, such that when something like a big avian flu wipes out what's going on in factory farms, we have these other systems to compensate." R O B E R T S A N T O S Isha Datar is the CEO of New Harvest and Clara Foods, a catalytic grant-making organization accelerating breakthroughs in cellular agriculture. New Harvest is a non-profit building the industry and academic discipline focused on making animal products without animals. This quote was taken from her SXSW Eco Keynote presentation: "Food of the Future and the Post-Animal Bioeconomy," in which she discussed the immense resource consumption of factory farming, and the need for finding viable alternatives.

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