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4 SXSW 2018 Stage Manager Handbook COMMUNICATION & ADVANCEMENT "Advancement" is the pre-event work required to plan the logistics of a show. Advancement will begin in February and will continue through the festival. STAGE MANAGER (SM) ADVANCEMENT TOOL: You will be given access to the Stage Manager Advancement Tool in February. This tool will provide the following information: • Notification when a showcase is ready to advance • Showcase schedule (times and order of bands) • Notification when an element of the showcase schedule has changed • Contact information for the SXSW Music Festival Programmer for each showcase • Contact information for the venue • Artist and presenter contact information • The production specifications for the venue • A place to keep track of the individual artists' needs, such as: - Transformer requirements - Parking and transportation needs - Video recording or photography requests - Artist's input list - Artist's backline arrangement • A way to communicate with the SXSW staff, including: - Assistant Production Manager (APM) - Production staff - Music Festival Programmer • Content Capture- (SXSW team that approves video recording requests) • A way for the SXSW staff to see advancement progress The advancement tool should be checked daily for any changes or updates, and to stay organized. HOW TO: • When you log into the SM Advancement Tool, artists will be highlighted yellow - remove the yellow highlight by clicking the yellow triangle. • Removing the yellow highlight lets us know that you have acknowledged the artist. When a new artist is booked at your venue they will be highlighted yellow. • Start advancing your showcase when you receive the message that reads similar to, "Your Wednesday showcase is ready to be advanced. The music festival programmer on this showcase is Jack White and their contact is" • Remove the notification dots by clicking the "resolve" button on the note. Removing the dot lets us know that you acknowledge the note and will proceed accordingly.

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