SXSW 2018 Volunteer Survival Guide

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TABLE OF CONTENTS 2018 Volunteer Quick Reference 2-10 Crew Contact Emails Volunteer Central Hours of Operation & Perk Pick-up Times Volunteer Staff Contacts & Information ACC Map for Volunteers Official Venues Checklists: Pre-SXSW, The First Day, & Everyday SXSurvival General SXSW 2018 Information 11 Dates & Locations Volunteer Crew Information 12–13 Safety Code of Conduct All-Conference Crews Overview Crew Expectations Crew Managers & Shift Leaders Theater Managers Music Venue Crews Overview Crew Expectations APMs & Stage Managers SXSW Volunteer Perk Information 14–18 Available Perks Perk Descriptions All-Conference vs. Music Venue Accessibility Information Upgrading Your Perk During the Event Attending Film Screenings, Music Showcases, Panels Having a Plan & a Back-up Plan Attending SXSW Official Parties SXXpress Eligibility SXSocial Eligibility Registrant's Lounge Restriction Volunteer Central 19-20 Headquarters for All Things Volunteer Perk Pick-up Information Volunteer Hospitality Questions? Answers 21-22 Commonly Used Terms 23-24 People to Know 25

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