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SEVERE WEATHER • Immediately notify the Comms Center. • Move away from all stages, tents, windows, and tall structures. • Duck, cover and hold your place under a sturdy object, or in an open area. • Watch for falling or flying objects. • If you can do so safely, help the injured and check for anyone who might be trapped. • DO NOT touch equipment or attempt to it on or off. • If you are outdoors and there is lightning nearby, distance yourself from any equipment and structures. More detailed advice can be found at: EVERYDAY SAFETY Everyone can play an active part in being proactive about safety. Here are a few examples what you can do and be aware of while performing your duties during SXSW. • When using bicycles, wear a helmet • Look for exposed cords, wires, and cables. Notify the venue, or take action to tape them down. • Wear provided high visibility vests when required, especially when operating around traffic or in the dark. • Do not post photos of your credentials on social media, and report to the Comms Center if you see others doing so. • Use safety and communication tools such as this handbook, the LiveSafe Mobile App, and the Comms Center • Maintain situational awareness — don't walk and text, take note of changing traffic patterns due to road closure, and stay alert to things happening around you. • Carry your SXSW first aid pouch for basic first aid needs and reference cards. • Stay hydrated, fed, and practice good hygiene in order to maintain peak physical performance and alertness. • Ear plugs should be worn by anyone working in loud environments. These are available from SXSupplies MENTAL HEALTH AND SUPPORT SXSW works with mental health and counseling organizations. If you, or anyone you work with has been affected by an emergency situation at SXSW, please make contact with the SXSW HR Manager (for staff) or an Event Staffing & Resources staff member (for volunteers & crew managers) who will be able to organize support for those affected. SXSW SAFETY 2018 STAFF AND CREW MANAGERS Safety and Emergency Procedures IN AN EMERGENCY CALL 9-1-1. Then, notify the SXSW Communications Center PROGRAMMED ON SHOW PHONES: COMMS CENTER Radio Channel: Comms Center THANK YOU FOR BEING PART OF SXSW!

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