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7 In an Emergency call 9-1-1 Then, notify the SXSW Communications Center Phone: 512-375-3485 Programmed on SXSW Staff show phones: Comms Center SXSW radio channel: Comms Center ACTIVE SHOOTER Remember: Run: Get away from the active shooter to an area of safety. Hide: If you are unable to escape, find somewhere to hide, silence phones and radios, and switch off lights. Fight: As an absolute last resort, if you are unable to run or hide, attempt to disable the shooter, so you can get away. If in an interior hallway, get to the nearest closed-door space, close and lock, or barricade the door. If in an exterior space, run in a zig-zag pattern away from the sound. Seek cover. Cover is a space that can stop a bullet or flying debris. Adapted from Department of Homeland Security advice: FIRE PROCEDURES A3 fire extinguishers are in every venue and tent. Identify these locations to your crew each day at the beginning of your event. In the event of fire: • Call 9-1-1 and commence evacuation. • Notify the Comms Center and provide the following information: • You have called 9-1-1 • Your name • The location of the emergency & your role If you are able and it is safe to do so, consider the following: • Stop the show or event, and turn on the lights. • If appropriate, use the public address system to announce evacuation. Be as detailed as you can in letting patrons know where their nearest exits are. Work with venue staff to facilitate evacuation. Pre-plan this with venue staff. • Assist anyone who may need assistance to move to a safe area. • Warn others in the vicinity. • Head to an area of safety and check-in with your supervisor, staff member or SXSW contact. SUSPICIOUS PACKAGE FOUND • Move to a safe distance from the package; ideally with a substantial structure between yourself and the package. If possible, warn others to stay away. • DO NOT use a two-way radio or cell phone near the package to make the notification. • Move to a safe distance, call 9-1-1, and report location and accurate description of suspicious package. • Inform the Comms Center and nearest security personnel. • DO NOT move or touch the object. • Never be afraid to communicate your concerns to a police officer, the Comms Center, or by way of a 3-1-1 or 9-1-1 call. More in depth guidance on suspicious activity can be found online at:

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