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22 SXSW 2018 Stage Manager Handbook STAGE MANAGER GLOSSARY Load in & Load out Load in is the scheduled time you have bands and gear arriving to the venue to be setup onstage. Load out is the scheduled time gear is loaded out of the venue after the performance. Music Festival Programmer SXSW staff who work with bands and presenters pre-festival to invite and schedule bands to perform during the Music Festival. Power Transformer An electronic device we use to "step down" the voltage of some international backline and electronic equipment to meet the North American power standard. Presenter Presenters are "presenting" a showcase. They are often companies such as record labels, radio stations or online music streaming companies, etc. What else needs to be said? Production Specifications This refers to the specific make and model of the PA system, stage dimensions, and lighting that will be at your venue. Artists will often ask for this information. Set change The time in between performances where you change from one band's stage setup to the next showcasing band's stage setup. Showcase SXSW's terminology for the a band's scheduled performance time at a venue Tech Specs Details provided by SXSW Production (or sometimes a venue) in relation to the building or vendor provided production of the venue or performance. Tech Spec sheets will usually include venue audio and lighting information, stage size, power, etc. Venue The building or outdoor space where the music showcases will take place.

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