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SXSW 2018 Stage Manager Handbook 21 STAGE MANAGER GLOSSARY Advancement Gathering all of the details of the show prior to the performance day by communicating with Tour Managers, band members, and SXSW staff from various departments. Artist Admin The online portal where an artist's primary contact must log in to sign the performance agreement and upload photo, mp3, bio, band member information, input lists, compensation preference (for domestic artists only), etc, all of which is required for advancing and promoting the performance. Artist Wristband SXSW artist credential for showcasing band members. Artist wristbands allow admission to the SXSW Conference, SXSW Trade Show, official SXSW showcases, artist lounges and more. Not all bands will receive artist wristbands. Only domestic bands can choose either cash compensation or artist wristbands for band members. Assistant Production Manager (APM) APMs are a Stage Manager's first point of contact for any questions or concerns. They are here to mentor you and help you learn what being a Stage Manager involves. During the event the APMs are on radios and are in constant communication with the SXSW Staff and Comm Center. Backline Band equipment and instruments such as guitar amps, bass amps, drums, keyboards, etc. Compensation Package Domestic bands can choose between cash compensation or artist wristbands as their fee for performing at SXSW. International bands will receive wristbands as compensation for performing. Communication Center (Comm Center) The SXSW Comm Center functions as a communications hub to support the SXSW Staff and Management in the resolution of non-emergency incidents. If an emergency arises, the Comm Center forms one of SXSW's key points of coordination with the City of Austin's Event Operations Center and 'Central Command,' where the City of Austin coordinates all public safety agencies during SXSW. Direct Input (DI) Box A DI box is a small device (3x5") used to plug instruments into so that they are amplified directly through the PA system. They can be used in lieu of free-standing amplifiers. The sound engineers will come equipped with a handful and many bands travel with their own. Still curious? Here is a video with way more information than you need: https:// Front of House (FOH) FOH generally refers to the area where the audio and lighting mixing console is located on the main floor in the venue. FX pedals (aka effects pedals) Effects Pedals are electronic devices that modify the tone, pitch, or sound of an electric guitar. Input list A list provided by the band that shows what instruments and electronics need to be mic'd or "input" into the audio console so the instruments can be heard through the speakers.

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