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20 SXSW 2018 Stage Manager Handbook INTRODUCTION EMAIL DRAFT Hello and congratulations on being accepted to SXSW 2018! My name is (YOUR NAME) and I will be your Stage Manager at (VENUE NAME) this year. Currently you are scheduled to perform on (DAY OF WEEK + date) and I am reaching out to confirm this with you. You are listed as the primary contact for (BAND/ARTIST NAME) and I'd like to confirm you are the primary contact for advancing the show. If I should contact someone else for advancement please provide their name, email & phone number so I can reach out to them. You should have already received an email from Artist Admin with instructions on how to fill out your SXSW Artist Admin Page. The Artist Admin page provides us with important information like: - Artist/production contact info Band members & crew info Input list - Compensation preference (FOR DOMESTIC ARTISTS ONLY! -- NOT FOR INTERNATIONAL) Information that I need in addition to the Artist Admin Page is: - Backline needs - will you be bringing your own gear or renting locally? This includes band gear (guitars, amps, keyboards, drums, etc) as well as DJ gear (turntables, CDJ's, Mixer, Serato, etc). We can provide backline company references if needed. - Are you willing to share or rent your backline/DJ gear with other groups on the same showcase to help facilitate quick change overs? If you are an international artist please let us know if you will need a transformer for power conversion. Please let us know what Country and what specific gear will be plugged into the transformer. If you have not filled out your Artist Admin Information Page yet please do so as soon as you can. If you need to reset or your login information please email advancement@ to get this information. This is important information that we need in order to advance and promote the show properly. Also please let me know if you have any other questions or concerns that need to be addressed for advancing your show. I look forward to working with you for SXSW 2018! (YOUR NAME) Stage Manager - SXSW - (VENUE NAME) (YOUR CONTACT NUMBER) (YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS)

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