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Trends suggest that individuals consider festivals to be more about the overall experience and not just about going to a concert. Studies show that what matters most to attendees is the overall festival experience itself. SOUTH BY SOUTHWEST (MUSIC) was the top discussed music festival event of the 2013–2014 season.* *Excerpts taken from Eventbrite's Music Festival Study report, which was developed from analysis of some 20 million public con - versations across Facebook, Twitter, and other online forums from August 6, 2013 – August 5, 2014. Source: Eventbrite Trending Topics 29% Participating remotely / watching a live stream 26% Excited about the lineup 19% Excited to see a specific artist 18% Excited for the experience 6% Got my ticket 2% Fashion Roughly 75% of music festival conversations were generated by individuals between the ages of 17 to 34. Music festival conversation saw a 34% increase this year as compared to last festival season, which equates to over 20 million conversations. The high prevalence of Millennials driving this conversation sig- nals that conversation will only continue to grow in future years. A music festival's brand and reputation are the primary drivers of positive social media conversation. The majority of posts fell into categories that emphasized the festival experience as opposed to specific perfor- mances that were taking place. 39% of posts mentioned the lineup without mentioning an artist and 17% of conversation expressed excitement about the event without mention- ing a performer or lineup. However, only 8% of positive posts specifically mentioned an artist or performance. Festivals have the potential to garner huge engagement outside of the festival itself. 23% of conversation (approximately 5 million posts) came from people who were participating in the festival remotely. These posts included live streams as well as music videos and videos from concerts or festivals. 21% of posts expressed fear of missing out (FOMO) or came from fans that wished they could have attended a particular festival. 54% of music fest conversations took place before the event 29% of conversations happened post-event 17% took place during during the event #FOMO 21% of posts expressed Fear Of Missing Out 2+6+ Roughly 1 out of every 4 posts about music festivals came from people participating remotely via live streams or other forms of engagement. This is important because live streaming increases interest in the events themselves, as 70% of people said they are more likely to attend a future live event after participating in the experience online. Music Festival Conversations Online 19% 17%

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