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SXSW 2014: The Facts S X S W M u s i c : Press & Media Attendance (approx.): 2,821 Music Festival Showcasing Acts: 2,371; International acts: 553 from 57 foreign countries Music Festival Stages: 111; Music Festival Acts That Applied: 7,960 Music Conference Participants Including Registrants and Artist Wristbands: 27,991 (from 82 foreign countries) Music Conference Sessions: 214; Music Conference Speakers: 811 S X S W I n t e r a c t i v e : Press & Media Attendance (approx.): 3,198 Interactive Conference Participants: 32,798 (from 82 foreign countries) Interactive Conference Sessions: 1,100 Interactive Conference Speakers: 2,377 S X S W F i l m : Press & Media Attendance (approx.): 2,084 Film Conference Participants: 18,747 (from 66 foreign countries) Film Conference Sessions: 200; Film Conference Speakers: 566 Films Screened: 133 Features; 114 Curated Shorts (from 6,494 Submissions) Film Festival World Premieres: 89; North American Premieres: 11; US Premieres: 8 *All social media numbers current as of May 2014. Facebook:393,608*Twier:383,520YouTube:69,734IInstagram:33,985Google+:340,120

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