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3 6 S X S W O R L D / M A Y 2 0 1 4 F I L M A N D M U S I C S A T U R D AY, M A R C H 1 5 T H S aturday evening as I walked up Trinity Street, I saw a girl outside a band van lay down on the ground to sleep or seek attention. After I took a photo of her, I looked up and saw two men with locked arms posing for me. I thought this odd, then recognized one as Sean Lennon: he and his friend assumed I was there for them. Not wanting to disappoint, I snapped them too. - Art Fein (Little Art's Poker Party) I t was a great run this year … would love to do the church again next year - Brandon Stosuy (Senior Editor/Director of Events, Pitchfork) W e have received an overwhelming amount of positive feedback from artists and guests from our first official showcase. The high fives are running rampant here in the sound clouds! - Emma Rugg (Producer, SoundCloud) S XSW is one of my favorite events/festivals every year. It definitely delivered once again. -Will Dzombak (Manager of showcasing artist Wiz Khalifa) I think Flatstock was the best SXSW surprise for me. I'd been searching for a certain poster artist who did a Queens Of The Stone Age concert poster. The management and the promoter were at a loss, and I pretty much gave up the search. The first booth I saw at Flatstock belonged to that very artist. That sort of serendipity occurs everywhere at SXSW where chance encounters can lead to productive and rewarding relationships. - Jeff Greenberg (CEO, The Village Recorder) S T E V E R R O G E R S J O R D A N N AY L O R / G E T T Y I M A G E S 3 4 2 6 5 M I C H A E L B U C K N E R / G E T T Y I M A G E S 1 7 8 M I C H A E L B U C K N E R / G E T T Y I M A G E S M I C H A E L B U C K N E R / G E T T Y I M A G E S S T E V E E C K E R T M I C H A E L B U C K N E R / G E T T Y I M A G E S J O R D A N N AY L O R / G E T T Y I M A G E S

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