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SXSW.COM | M A R C H 1 4 , 2 0 1 9 | SXS W O R L D 1 EVERY ISSUE VOLUME 13, ISSUE 3 2 | AT A GLANCE On the topic of transportation at SXSW 2019 4 | IN BRIEF Updates from the SXSW family of events 40 | A LOOK BACK SXSW Conference Featured Session: The Daily Show with Trevor Noah FEATURES 9 | SXSW 2019 In Pictures Selected images from the week 20 | Adam Horovitz and Michael Diamond Beastie Boys to share their stories in a Keynote Conversation 21 | Joseph Lubin Blockchain entrepreneur is looking to Web 3.0 22 | Pet Sematary Does even Stephen King fear this year's Closing Night Film? PUBLISHERS Roland Swenson, Nick Barbaro, Louis Black EDITOR Andy Smith ART DIRECTOR Shelley Hiam SXSW 2019 LOGO AND KEY ART DESIGN Foxtrot ART ART DESIGN, PRODUCTION AND DIGITAL MEDIA Cathy Ricks, April Litz, Zach Horn, Robin Welch, Mara Fleet , Jamie Miller, Krista Quiroga , Kayla Dockery, Kelly Cameron, Leeann Pendley EDITORIAL CONTRIBUTORS Shermakaye Bass, Meredith Borders, Dan Gentile, Linda Laban, Patrick Nichols, Robbie Preliasco, Jenny Smith SXSW CONTRIBUTORS Jody Arlington, Neha Aziz, Jann Baskett , Amy Braband, Chris Backus, Hayden Bagot , Rory Burbeck, Chris Cantu, Lisa Hang , Caitlin Jones, Jim Kolmar, John Krause, Nicole Krause, Emily Lively, Andrew McNeill, Casper Mills, Jordan Ornelas, Chloe Quakenbush, Pam Renteria , Jordan Roberts, Julia Shatilo, Dev Sherlock, Chondra Washington, Gary Watkins, Catlin Whitington, Miranda Wylie ADVERTISING, SALES & EXHIBITIONS SXSW U.S. Jes Elliott, Katharyn Howe, Katie King, Wendy Cummings, John Krause, Jason Hamilton, Val Link, Neil Minocha Inquiries: Sponsorships: Scott McNearney, SXSW INTERNATIONAL Music, U.K . & Ireland: Una Johnston, Europe & Int'l. Business Development: Mirko Whitfield, Japan: Hiroshi Asada , Australia, New Zealand & Hawaii: Phil Tripp, Brazil: Tracy Mann, Central, South America & Caribbean: Arturo Vargas, BUSINESS SXSW HEADQUARTERS MAILING ADDRESS PO Box 685289, Austin TX 78768 US Tel 512 /467-7979, Fax 512 /451-0754 Email: POSTMASTER: Send address changes to SXSWORLD, PO Box 685289, Austin TX 78768 38 Black Belt Eagle Scout. Photo by Jason Quigley 20 Beastie Boys circa 1994 30 Tariq Cherif. Photo by Evans Alexandre STORIES 26 | Halo Championship Series Invitational Esports tournament brings classic game's devotees to SXSW Gaming 30 | Rolling Loud Hip-hop's biggest festival pays a visit to SXSW 32 | Brainiac: Transmissions After Zero Big dreams, tragedy, and unfulfilled potential pondered in new music doc 34 | Considering America's Cannabis Future Medicinal promise and public opinion are driving legislative changes 38 | Black Belt Eagle Scout Rising indie star is doing it all her own way

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