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5 6 S X S W O R L D | M A R C H 7, 2 0 1 9 | SXSW.COM A LOOK BACK "To truly heal our society, we must support those who work at the crossroads where left and right meet center, where the public and private sectors meet civil society, where tradition and disruption meet progress, and where idealism and realism meet aspiration." ā€“ Dan Porterfield (The Aspen Institute, President and CEO) Building Community: Weaving America's Social Fabric ā€“ The Aspen Institute: SXSW EDU Keynote (Monday, March 4, 2019) In their Opening Keynote at SXSW EDU 2019, entitled "Building Community: Weaving America's Social Fabric," Porterfield and David Brooks, Op-Ed columnist for The New York Times and Executive Director of "Weave: The Social Fabric Project," discussed their project with Darius Baxter, President and Chief Engagement Officer of the Washington, D.C.-based GOODProjects, and Rev. Lisa Fitzpatrick, Co-Founder and Executive Director of APEX Community Advancement, Inc./APEX Youth Center and Senior Pastor of APEX Ministries United Methodist Church in New Orleans, Louisiana. Lā€“R: Dan Porterfield, Darius Baxter, Rev. Lisa Fitzpatrick, David Brooks. Photo by Josh Haner/The New York Times

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