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the data is daunting ohub is undaunted by the fight & committed to the hack The median wealth of a Black or Latinx American family will be zero 3 by 2053 and 2073, respectively. Prosperity Now and the Institute for Policy Studies. Increased innovation density increases income segregation. Northwestern University and The University of Toronto. Past and present racism and discrimination in business account for a loss of 1.2 million minority businesses, 9 million jobs and 300 billion in GDP. Center for Global Policy. America's racist past cost homeowners $156 billion. Brookings Institution. Multinational computer technology corporation owes $400 million to 13 women, Black and Asian workers, DOL says. Bloomberg Law. Anti-diversity is on the rise in tech. The Verge. # OHUB Diversity, Equity & Inclusion As A Service # An enterprise level service (and future software product) def deis(high_growth_corporations, venture_funds, startups): avenues = [ "corporate governance", "human resources", "procurement", "corporate innovation", "go to market", "social impact" ] for avenue in avenues: diversity(avenue) equity(avenue) inclusion(avenue) # OHUB Foundation def foundation(): global_gaps = [ "income", "wealth", "opportunity" ] hbcu_sxsw(), ohub_campus(), ohub_flatiron() # OHUB Fund def fund(): black.angels(100), opportunity_zone_fund.raise(1 billion), crypto.investment_ platform.add($OHUB security token) # Learn More def join(): return "" #OHUB #racialequity

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