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TAKE MY ADVICE SXSW TIPS Even for veteran attendees, SXSW can be a bit overwhelming. With years of experience, SXSW staff members know how to negotiate the broad range of options and situations visitors may encounter at SXSW. Here are some of their tried and tested SXSW Tips! Review your hotel confirmation email NOW! Avoid penalties by making adjustments at least 21 days before arrival. Plan your transportation in advance. If you're staying in a hotel away from downtown Austin, purchase your R&R shuttle pass online before you arrive. It helps the shuttle company plan for the right-size vehicles for your route. The best kept secret for getting downtown from the airport is the $2 trip on the CapMetro Airport Flyer. Bring all types of weather gear. In Austin, it can get hot or cold, sunny or rainy, all in the same week. Don't go out past midnight on your first night at SXSW. You'll be tired for the rest of the time. Pick up your Film or Interactive badge on Thursday, March 7. Lines are shorter, and you can relax and get situated at the Austin Convention Center on Friday. Lose your sweater or your bearings? Stop by one of the many SXSW Connection Centers to check schedules, ask about lost items or find out where and when to catch the next SXSW shuttle. Find quiet spaces to recoup. Many lounges are available to chill in. During Music, head to one of the church venues to escape the crowds. It's not who you know; it's who you don't know. Use your ears and eyes and find something new! Say hello to the person next to you in line or at a panel. All connections can be valuable. Before heading to a film venue... Check or use the SXSWGo Mobile app to see in realtime if a film is sold out or not. Bring cash. It's faster, easier and accepted everywhere. 68 SXSWORLD / FEBRUARY 2013 Go with the flow. Keep your group small. No whiners. Embrace the last-minute change-of-plans. If crowds aren't your thing or you don't like a speaker, move on, this is YOUR event! Don't throw away anything given to you. Go through it all when you get home. So many gems! Go ahead and shamelessly promote! SXSW is not the time to be humble. Keep a koozie with you at all times. Your beer will thank you. One-way streets If you're driving in downtown Austin for the first time, be wary of one-way streets. Missed the film everyone's talking about? Buzz Screenings start on Tuesday (March 12) and are selected based on which films have the biggest buzz. Look out for cars when walking. Seriously, it's good to remember that. Leave one night of your schedule open. Explore and enjoy an off-the-cuff evening. Drink water!!! For every alcoholic drink you consume, drink one glass of water. Wear a fanny pack. Tres chic! Take the time to up your fashion game. SXSW is a place to see and be seen! SXSW is about discovery. Avoid bands you've already seen multiple times. Stay for the band you've never heard of instead. Wander into a venue you wouldn't normally visit. Welcome events help break the ice. The Music Mixer and Fajitas, Music Welcome Dinner or Taco Meet Up are excellent ways to meet new people. Single tickets are available for every film! Music & Interactive badgeholders can purchase tickets to SXSW Films (subject to capacity). Best bets are larger theaters like Paramount, Vimeo at the ACC, Rollins at the Long Center and the new Topfer Theatre. Also, SXSW Film Satellite Venues, located at the Alamo Village and Alamo Slaughter, offer great options for people who aren't close to downtown. Safety first. Always have hand sanitizer and sunscreen. SXXpress Passes are FREE! Jump to the front of the badge holder line for films and music showcases. Get it in writing! Printed guides never run out of batteries. Looking for Something New? Watch the SXSW YouTube and Vimeo channels to discover new showcasing artists. Get off your phone. Stop and enjoy what's going on around you. You never know who is standing next to you. The bookstore signings at the ACC Meet face-to-face with influential people. See what's buzzing at the Music Day Stages in the ACC. Catch some quality programming from acclaimed international artists. Don't have a hotel? Try the alternative housing on the site! Arrive EARLY to popular events. If you think something may fill up before you get there, keep alternatives in mind. Need coffee? Rumor has it that the shortest coffee lines in the ACC are in the Flatstock Poster Show. Need a charge? If your cell phone dies, visit the Solar Pump Charging station at 5th and Trinity instead of freaking out. Don't lose your badge! Your tears won't reprint it, only your wallet.

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